Your Futuristic Electric Bicycle

India’s own e-Bike. Designed for fitness, fun, and fast transit; A perfect blend of technology and good looks to complement your personality .LightSpeed presents the FUTURE of MOBILITY.

Technology Overview

What Goes Into Your LightSpeed


Glyd is a futuristic urban machine built to facilitate comfortable commute on Indian streets. It can whizz through traffic in a flash, while taking potholes and broken roads in its stride. LightSpeed Glyd is a lightweight electric bicycle that is both, responsive and easy to manoeuvre.


Dryft is a robust, energetic mountain bike, painted in the hues of the setting sun and evening sky. This electric vehicle is designed to take you to those places where no other vehicle can. LightSpeed Dryft an e-Bike that is as fond of adventure as you are. The ideal companion to the thrill seeker in you — wherever you decide to ride, your Dryft always has your back.

Bamboochi Electric: Hand Crafted e-Bikes

Our custom built Bamboochi Electric bikes are made to order from the most tensile bamboo trees to complement individual body frames of our customers. Fitted with premium quality carbon fibre components and LightSpeed electronics, each final product weighs less than 16 kgs and promises a balanced, comfortable ride.
The bamboo frame absorbs shocks and vibrations so well, it feels like riding a one of a kind, sustainable poetry in motion.

Electric Conversion Kit

It’s time to move beyond the ordinary. Now, turn your ordinary bicycle into a futuristic e-Bike with LightSpeed’s Dynamic Electric Conversion Kit! An all-in-one, easy to assemble set of components that can be fitted onto your bicycle over the course of a Sunday afternoon. You can assign the task to a cycle shop, or try your hands at some DIY.

Join the Journey…

Take a look at LightSpeed e-Bikes in action

Lightspeed DRYFT 2:06

Lightspeed GLYD 0.58

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