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Our Team

Lightspeed Mobility Pvt. Ltd builds electric mobility solutions and is based out of Ahmedabad, India. We currently build e-bikes that at once can be pedalled or be battery powered, making for a fun experience in urban environments.

Our e-bikes are the ideal lifestyle statement for fitness enthusiasts and those looking for alternative personal mobility devices. They make for the perfect partners in your leisure time. You can warm your way up to your destination with a resistance setting and cool down while coming back assisted by the battery. If you sigh at the sight of snail paced traffic wasting precious life in its wake, whizz pass by it and announce your rebellion.

The Indian market does not currently provide enough choices for vehicles that use sources of energy other than traditional fossil fuels. We specialize in designing and bringing to the market mobility devices that use alternative, sustainable sources to power themselves.

Our present offering for e-bikes are battery operated as well as pedal driven, to give you that workout when you feel like it.


We aim at designing the best electric vehicles for urban Indian sensibilities in the pursuit of sustainability. We believe that our life in the here and the now should be filled with more actively engaged moments. They make for better alternatives to being passively driven around.

It is this reason that we have committed ourselves to put out alternative mobility engineered specifically for the 21st century. We drive our innovation with the vision of a more active life powered by sustainable devices.

Benefits of Lightspeed Ebikes

  • Negligible Maintenance
  • Our eBikes do not demand your attention for their maintenance. You might unwittingly give away some of your attention to them just admiring them, and we like it that way.
  • The bikes require no fuel
  • Given the electric nature of the bikes, they do not require fuels. They have different resistance levels for you to pedal through, and should you choose to relax, they have electrically powered motors to finish your ride off.
  • Powerful and advanced Components
  • The Batteries that power our eBikes have a very high density of energy storage to provide you with enough juice. The bike frames themselves sport tremendous tensile strength, to give support to as much weight as needed.
  • Sustainable and green
  • The bikes get you around places fast, and more importantly, do not need fossil fuels for the same. You can power the bikes using conventional power from the grid or from solar cells if you have access to them.
  • We would be planting a tree for every bike that is sold.
  • Travel smoothly on road or have a blast off road
  • It’s your choice whether you want to take your bike for a spin on the road or completely ditch the track and move on to exploring the terrain, we are built for both the options.
  • Fun rides with greater security
  • E-bikes are for anyone and everyone! No age, gender or location bar exists to stop your journey. With great reliability and safety there comes enormous fun for the riders.
  • Health benefits
  • Cycling is a perfect exercise for healthier bodies. These advanced bikes, just like conventional bikes, can be used for a workout. You can consider them as advanced gym aids, with fused technology to add comfort.
  • Better Control and thus, more power to you!
  • Well-tuned control mechanism and flexibility of Lightspeed allows you to do more. So, speed up, race, turn, or hike – you’re safe with our Electrical bikes.
  • Plug and Play
  • The bikes need no registration or licensing procedures. The bike is yours to ride as soon as you order one for yourself. Go out and play!
  • Fitness
  • It’s your style statement. It’s an addition to your workout. It’s fun for you and fitness for your body. Whip it out when you feel the need to burn.
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