Benefits of Electric Bicycles in the 21st Century

Benefits of Electric Bicycles – As we stand well into the end of the second decade of the 21st Century, the world has come to realise that this century is going to be one of innovation, creativity, and development that is not just sustainable, but also inclusive and sensitive towards communities and the environment at large.

With all the hullaballoo of the Industrial Revolution and its far reaching long term after effects, the planet has been left gasping for fresh air and clean climes.

Traffic Management in Densely Populated Zones

In the eastern part of the developing world, there’s the added pressure of managing an extremely large population that owns vehicles and takes them out every day, crowding the limited space on roads in urban zones.

Because most vehicles are powered by crude-based fuels, they tend to emit large amounts of pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, apart from causing congestion on roads. These pollutants are notorious for increasing the overall temperatures, thereby fueling widespread global warming and withering of flora and fauna.

Top 4 Benefits of Electric Bicycles

#1) Occupy less space

Electric bicycles have multiple advantages in today’s time and age. First, electric bicycles are very compact, just like regular cycles, and so, they don’t crowd city streets. They occupy very little parking space, too.

#2) Enhanced Road Safety

Because there are speed limits set on electric bicycles in most countries, the chances of accidents on road reduce drastically. In spite of speed locks, it is easier to whizz past heavy rush hour traffic on an electric bicycle, than it is on any other motorized vehicle. This is because, in spite of a speed lock, your electric bicycle’s top speed is higher than the average speed of traffic in most urban zones. There’s much to gain from commuting efficiently.

#3) Significant Savings

You save a decent amount on petroleum based fuels when you switch to an electric bicycle as your primary mode of commute. The money you save can be put to better use, or invested for your future.

#4) Improved Health & Fitness

As machines manage more and more of our work, our lives are becoming exponentially sedentary. We hardly walk or even move our core muscle groups half as much as we used to, just a decade ago. This is causing widespread lifestyle diseases and creating an unnecessary unpleasantness to human life. By introducing an electric bicycle to your life, you turn you indoor, sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy, pro-fitness lifestyle with sufficient amounts of outdoor time breathing in fresh air and destressing.

What’s more, you can do all this very conveniently and practically on an electric bicycle, as opposed to any other motorized vehicle or a regular bicycle. Most good electric bicycle come with a full twist throttle and various levels of Pedal Assist. A balanced combination of these features gives you a fine blend of human and electric effort, very effectively and practically.

The benefits of electric bicycles in the 21st century certainly outnumber the disadvantages. That’s precisely what makes electric bicycles worthy of some serious consideration in these modern times.

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