Fury 518 Fat Electric Bicycle by LightSpeed

Fury 518: Fat Electric Bicycle by LightSpeed

A Comprehensive Buyer Guide for LightSpeed Fury 518

The Thought

When you’ve run the long mile for a while, worked your heels off, and achieved a lot of what you initially set out to, it’s time to reward yourself with a little something as a reminder of your epic journey.

And what defines a journey better than a bicycle? The very first vehicle you learnt to manoeuvre, presented to you in an upgraded avatar. The humble bicycle has updated itself to match your pace. It’s got a powerful motor, a Lithium ion battery pack, high-tech features, and dashing looks.

Your bicycle has now become electric, and it has buffed up to level with your social stature.

It’s time to show the world that you have arrived. Go places on this all terrain electric bicycle without breaking a sweat. Ride in noiselessly and make an impact that’s in keeping with your personality. What’s more, advantages of a fat electric bicycle include fitness. Challenge yourself and push your boundaries, as you pedal this giant onward and get into even better shape.

If that isn’t true class, what is?

The Masterpiece

Here’s introducing the LightSpeed Fury 518, a Fat Electric Bicycle with a classy aluminium alloy frame, and really huge tyres. This blog also serves as a buyer guide for fat electric bicycles in general.

The LightSpeed Fury 518 is a Fat Bike beyond compare. It is a muscular e cycle that looks as though it weighs a tonne; in fact it is really lightweight at just 26 kg. This is as much as a regular electric cycle from most other brands.

We know all about the bad rap that fat bikes have amassed on account of being heavy and difficult to ride. But, that’s precisely why we’ve electrified the Fat Bicycle. Now, you have all the amazing mean, muscular, macho good looks combined with efficiency, convenience, and ease of usage, thanks to all the top notch electronic components. This means, there are distinct advantages of a fat electric bicycle, now.

Ease of Usage — Features of LightSpeed Fury 518

When you twist the throttle on the handle bar, you can use the Fat Bike to commute without pedalling at all. If you would like to pedal and experience the fitness benefits that this magnificent beast has to offer, you can make use of the responsive Pedal Assist System that’s inbuilt. The LightSpeed Fury 518 comes with 5 Levels of Pedal Assistance. At Levels 1 and 2, your legs do most of the work, while the motor gives you a gentle push to ease your effort a little bit. At Level 3, you share the effort almost equally with the motor. At Levels 4 and 5, the motor exerts most of the effort while you enjoy a largely relaxing ride, while also pedalling along.

When you use a good mix of Pedal Assistance at medium levels with a little bit of throttling now and then, this electric bicycle can give you a range of 50 km per full charge, on a 13 Ah Li-ion Battery. These are just some of the features of LightSpeed Fury 518.

features of LightSpeed Fury 518

The LightSpeed Advantage

One of the biggest advantages of a LightSpeed Fat Electric Bicycle is that the battery is easily removable and portable. You can carry it around in your backpack with ease along with its accompanying 5A charger. This saves you the trouble of hauling your Fat Electric Bicycle up a flight of stairs to your home or office in search of a plug point. It also serves the purpose of protecting your battery from theft in case you’re unsure of the locality where you’re parking your bicycle.

Your battery has a life cycle of 800 to 1000 charges.

Your LightSpeed Fury 518 features a Li-ion battery that powers a 250w 36v Brushless D.C. Hub Motor with a 45 Nm Torque. The motor is situated in the rear wheel, thus giving the rider a feel of being pushed forward as he pedals along. This motor location ensures that you do not feel the slightest drag as you cycle.

Apart from electronic gears in the form of Pedal Assistance, an added advantage of LightSpeed Fury 518 is its 21 Speed Shimano Gears, added on popular request from our patrons. This makes it even more interesting to ride a bicycle with fat tyres. When you’re in the mood for an exhausting workout session, you can adjust the gear settings to echo the level of challenge you desire and burn calories like never before.

Announce your Arrival – with the LightSpeed Fury 518…


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