Dos and Don'ts of Electric Cycles - Maintenance Tips for Electric Bicycle

Dos and Don’ts of Electric Cycles

Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Bicycles

Electric cycles are all the rage these days, thanks to the electric vehicle trend that is slowly taking over Indian streets. As you probably already know, apart from being very practical daily commute vehicles, electric bicycles also act as great fitness companions, adventure buddies, and recreational tools that aid weight management.

As with every vehicle and gadget, electric cycles run better, for longer, when they’re taken care of and maintained well. This e cycle blog briefly talks about the dos and don’ts of electric cycling, while explaining how to ride an electric cycle optimally. It also gives precise electric bicycle maintenance tips.

Dos of Electric Cycles

DO pedal a bit before you twist the throttle. When you pedal a bit, you bring the bicycle into momentum with mechanical effort. Then when you twist the throttle, there is lesser load on the electric motor. This is good for your battery.

DO pedal for a few seconds before engaging Pedal Boost. This gives the Pedal Assist Sensors time to assess your pedalling action and provide you adequate electrical support without burdening the battery.

DO wipe your electric cycle often, with a damp cloth, while taking care of the pins on the battery cradle. When you don’t allow grime to collect over a long period, it is easier to clean. A squeaky clean e-cycle makes a better impact, too.

DO check your brakes before every ride. This ensures a safe, secure ride every single time. If you find that your brakes are even slightly loose, or not 100% effective, take your e-cycle to a nearby mechanic to get the issue resolved.

DO ensure that the tyres are well inflated. Riding your electric cycle with well inflated tyres improves the battery range, eases your pedalling effort, and gives you a smoother ride.

Don’ts of Electric Cycles

DON’T park your electric cycle under harsh sunlight for long hours. Look for a parking spot with sufficient shade to park the e-cycle. This protects the cycle frame, components, and paint coating, thus increasing the longevity of your electric vehicle.

DON’T bank your electric bicycle into walls, or drop it on the ground. Treat your e-cycle like you would treat a motorcycle or scooter. Make it stand upright using the side stand. This prevents damage and wear-and-tear.

DON’T be rough when handling the battery. Remove the battery gently, and reattach it with equal care. This will ensure that the pins on the battery cradle do not get damaged.

DON’T leave the battery completely discharged if you’re not going to be riding your electric cycle for more than a month. Charge the battery to 80% and turn it off, so that when you want to ride it again, the battery is still in good shape.

DON’T wash your electric cycle with a pipe, bucket, or hose. Your electric bicycle is IP65 water resistant and dust proof. It can withstand a certain amount of rain and mud, but, exposing it to buckets full of water or washing it with a pipe can damage the electronics.

Use this blog as an electric bicycle maintenance guide to keep your electric cycle in optimum shape, and always ready to ride.

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