Dryft – A Pro Adventure Electric Bicycle

Awaken from your slow monotony. Fire up your nervous system and pump some adrenaline into your bloodstream. Fasten your shoelaces. The adventure beckons, and it’s time to lean in. LightSpeed has built the futuristic Dryft especially for the thrill seeker in you, for the adventurer who despises a lack of challenge and seeks a commune with nature.


Get your Dryft out on weekends and head off to the hills for a challenging ride, or retreat in the greens with a camera for company. Dryft lets you express your inner child’s deepest desire to explore everything around you. Riding your Dryft will restore energy levels, and infuse joy into your life, rejuvenating you once more to take on yet another week.

Removable, Portable 10.4 Ah Li-ion Battery


Dryft is an electric bicycle designed as an MTB: Multi Terrain Bike. This electric bicycle is equipped with a robust set of tires made to handle rough and unpredictable off-road riding. It is powered by a 10.4 Ah Lithium-ion battery that runs on 18,650 Samsung/LG/equivalent cells. The powerful rear hub motor operating at 250 Watts can deliver a torque of 32 Nm: all specifications made to deliver a beast of a performance when you need it. This surge of power comes in handy while negotiating a rocky terrain on a hill side, sliding on a sandy beach or battling mud at the bank of a creek out in the woods.

The electric bicycle as a concept becomes very crucial to tackling challenging routes and destinations for workouts and adventure rides. Yes, there exist bikes that can take you at break neck speeds while guzzling fuel — or their four wheeler counterparts. However, none of the two involve the rider actually exerting himself physically.

This physical exertion demanded of a rider while in search for a break from regular environs is the prime benefit of owning a Dryft. You have to earn every sight and deserve every destination by involving yourself. The unique Pedal Boost technology on your Dryft will assist your pedaling if at any point you need to take a break, or want to relax yet keep pedaling.

Robust Frame Built to Facilitate Long Rough Rides


Dryft is an agent of change in your lifestyle, and a personal commitment that you will be meeting Mother Nature often and for long durations. It is eco friendly in its independence from fossil fuels, yet it offers up the power of a traditional motorized vehicle. Nearly two decades into the 21st century, the technological landscape around us is undergoing tectonic shifts. A dirt bike with a sinkhole of petrol for a fuel tank is not the off-road dream anymore. Dryft is here before you even ask for the dream’s modern avatar: man and machine partnering to create a valuable experience that can be lived and relived as frequently as you desire. Weekends are no longer just for sleeping and getting bored.


Make a personal commitment, own a LightSpeed Dryft, and pave your way into experiencing thrill as the sun shines down on you and your body concocts a cocktail of adrenaline and testosterone — a testament to how successfully you lived.

We leave you with a question: Everything that you want is out there. What are you waiting for? Give us a call and take a step forward.

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