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LightSpeed Electric Bicycles Now in Chennai

LightSpeed Electric Bicycles are now available in Chennai! Whether you’ve been imagining riding along the picturesque Elliot’s Promenade every evening, or you just want to simplify your daily commute from home to office and back, owning an electric cycle in Chennai can put an end to all your traffic woes, and make your journeys practical as well as efficient, the way only a battery operated cycle can. Feel the adrenalin pump through your veins as you pedal along the urban metropolis of Chennai, swiftly passing by traffic congestions, irritating jams, and honking gas guzzlers, effortlessly. Partner with your bicycle’s electric motor to generate power and torque like never before. Explore your battery powered cycle’s capacity, as you work up a light sweat in a bid to enhance your fitness, endurance, and health without a gym membership. Challenge yourself to go the extra mile and reach your ideal weight, with an electric bike in Chennai.

Product Range

MRP 29999/-
MRP 39999
MRP 59999/-


Benefits of Riding an Electric Cycle in Chennai:


Beat the insane rush hour traffic during peak office time; run daily errands efficiently.


Save productive family time by spending lesser durations on the road.


Step out of the daily sedentary rut and reenergize your muscles.


Breathe in huge amounts fresh air on the weekends as you cycle across the picturesque outskirts.


Improve your stamina and endurance by staying active for longer durations at moderate intensity.

Dealers and Stores in Chennai:

If you’ve been wondering about what it actually feels like to ride a battery cycle, here’s how you can get a Test Ride for free, from an electric cycle shop in Chennai.
Visit a LightSpeed Electric Bicycle Dealer or Showroom in Chennai, by finding an outlet closest to your home, from the below mentioned addresses. Book an appointment in advance to ensure better service and bicycle availability.

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Choose My Bicycle

Old No. 109, No 98
Velachery Main Road
Guindy, Chennai - 600 032,
Tamil Nadu, India.

Abhishek9840425767 wwww.choosemybicycle.com
LightSpeed Electric Bicycle Customers in Tamil Nadu

It is indeed comforting to find out who your fellow electric cyclists in the vicinity are. Here are some of LightSpeed’s happy customers in Tamil Nadu, in and around Chennai. See what they have to say about their experiences with their LightSpeed Electric Cycles.

Dr Samarth

45 yearsDoctor

Dr Samarth
Based in Adyar, Chennai, Dr Samarth has become an avid cyclist ever since he purchased the LightSpeed Dryft. Conscious about health and overall wellbeing, Dr Samarth rides his electric cycle every day, mostly for fitness and recreation

proudly owns a DRYFT
in Adyar Chennai

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Great Cycling Routes in and around Chennai:

Elliot’s Promenade, Santhome to Anna Square, Adyar to Besant Nagar, East Coast Road, and IIT Madras are some of the most highly recommended zones and areas to ride your electric bicycle in peace, while inhaling fresh air, and enjoying serene climes.

Please contact Fixmycycle.in for assistance with maintenance and servicing of your LightSpeed Electric Bicycle at your doorstep in Chennai, for a very reasonable fee. You can also take your e cycle to a reputed local bicycle mechanic shop near you FixMyCycle.in


Maintenance and Service
in Chennai

LightSpeed designs and builds futuristic alternative mobility solutions that are geared to take on the daily challenges of urban commute, and facilitate environmental wellbeing, while encouraging citizens to focus on improving individual health and fitness levels. Our first EV offering is the humble 20th century bicycle, revamped and upgraded to cater to 21st century commuters and fitness enthusiasts. LightSpeed Electric Bicycles are power-packed electric vehicles that look elegant yet sporty, and recreate that exhilarating feeling of a swift take-off from a smooth runway.
LightSpeed does its own R&D, prototyping, and production, employing many skilled Indians at its multi-storeyed workshop and office. The company focuses on enhancing the country’s green cover through regular tree-plantation drives to ensure that there is one fruit bearing tree for every electric cycle sold. These are just some of the things that make LightSpeed one of India’s best electric cycle brands.

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