1. How does the LightSpeed Electric Bicycle work?
    An LightSpeed electric bike works in three different ways.
    The first way is purely mechanical, in which only human effort is involved.
    The second way is called ‘pedelec’, a fine blend of human and electrical effort; i.e. the motor supports you during pedalling and? makes your pedalling smoother.
    The third way an electric bike can work is purely on electric power from the battery; i.e. the motor does all the work in propelling the LightSpeed Electric Bicycle
  2.  Why should I ride the LightSpeed Electric Bicycle?
    You can use your LightSpeed Electric Bicycle to commute to your workplace. With the contrasting ranges offered by these LightSpeed Electric Bicycles, you can go further, and faster in an eco-friendly way. You can use an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle for fitness as well as for personal mobility option.
    It is more than just a ride; it’s an experience that will make you smile with every mile!
  3.  How is an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle different from an electric scooter (or any other electric two-wheeler)?
    An LightSpeed Electric Bicycle is not made for indolent individuals who prefer a zero effort commute option over pedalling.Even though an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle comes with a throttle, the optimum way to use it involves more than simply throttling on like you would with an electric scooter. The point of an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle is to engage more actively with one’s ride. The electric mechanisms in an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle are just there to smoothen the overall pedalling.
    Also, a typical electric two-wheeler is bulkier than an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle. An LightSpeed Electric Bicycle is more advanced, comfortable, and economical than any other electric two-wheeler.
  4.  What is a pedal boost sensor?
    A pedal boost sensor is a sensor that detects the pedalling rate in an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle. Using these sensors, the PBS system makes the motor spin according to the levels of Pedal Boost you set. Generally, a PBS system consists of a set number of magnets. For example, Dryft and Glyd LightSpeed Electric Bicycles come with 12 magnet sensors.
  5.  Can I ride my bike in the rain?
    Yes! The LightSpeed Electric Bicycles are rated IP65 which means they are wash-down capable, dust-proof, and waterproof.
  6.  Do I need a license to ride an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle?
    No. The reason is quite clear. LightSpeed restricts the maximum speed on their LightSpeed Electric Bicycles to 25 kmph, so you do not need a license to ride a LightSpeed.
  7.  What is the cost of running an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle?
    It takes a total of 0.5 units of electricity to charge an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle’s battery fully. An LightSpeed Electric Bicycle is quite economical; it runs at a rate of 6 paise per kilometre.
  8. I have seen cheaper LightSpeed Electric Bicycles, what’s the difference?
    LightSpeed Electric Bicycles come equipped with better quality components that make them robust, tough and reliable. The better component quality and better electronic system makes LightSpeed Electric Bicycles a little more expensive, but worth a few thousands more.
  9.  What is the difference between a Basic Display and a Multi-Feature Dynamic Display?
    A Basic Display is designed to show only two important pieces of information — the battery status and the level of pedal assistance (Glyd comes with a Basic Display).
    On the other hand, a Multi-Feature Dynamic Display shows you more than battery statuses and pedal assistance levels. It features the temperature, speed of the vehicle, distance traversed, and a lot more. A Multi-Feature Dynamic Display can be password protected, making your readings personal to you. It also shows status messages like Cruise Control, Walk Assist, and displays Fault Code in case of any malfunction.
    Resistant and robust as the rest of the frame, the Multi-Feature Dynamic Display (available in Dryft) can sustain a wide range of temperature and weather situations, making your LightSpeed Electric Bicycle look good as new for longer.
  1. Who is this for?
    LightSpeed Electric Bicycles are for thrill seekers and fitness freaks. An LightSpeed Electric Bicycle is also a great way to commute and run errands. Especially, if you are an office goer and want to beat the rush hour traffic, LightSpeed Electric Bicycles are ideal for you. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a newbie who just wants to try his hands at a brand new hobby or lifestyle change, LightSpeed Electric Bicycles are designed to suit every need, including biking on tough terrains.
  2. What is the point of an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle?
    You can commute across urban and non-urban zones and indulge in adventurous activities off the road as well, on an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle. Apart from commuting and running errands, an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle is also a great way to keep your body fit and healthy since it comes equipped with pedals. While a motorcycle requires constant combustion of petrol, an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle runs on battery and pedals. Thus, it is way more economical than a motorcycle.
  3. How exactly can I use it for fitness?
    There are a lot of ways to use an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle for fitness. You can either pedal the LightSpeed Electric Bicycle constantly, like you would a regular cycle, but with Pedal Boost engaged. This will allow you to cycle for longer hours at a controlled intensity of your choosing, thus boosting your metabolism manifold, apart from burning calories. The electronics on LightSpeed Electric Bicycles make them a little heavier than your regular cycle; even though you don’t feel the weight, in the long run it strengthens your core muscles, thus giving you a better physique and posture. You can use the throttle in between if you get too tired or come across a steep incline in the middle of your cardio routine, without having to stop or get off for a breather.
  4. How do I select an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle?
    Different LightSpeed Electric Bicycles are designed to meet different needs. For example, if one needs an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle for urban rides, they can opt for a Glyd. If someone prefers a simple, no frills LightSpeed Electric Bicycle to commute, they should definitely opt for Glyd. On the other hand, if someone is seeking thrill and adventure, then Dryft is the best choice for them. What is important is, an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle must not be selected just based on the price and features, but instead on the basis of the utility you expect out of it.
  5. If I already have a bicycle, can LightSpeed make it an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle for me?
    It is possible in many cases to convert your regular cycle into an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle. However, not all cycles can be converted. To know if your bicycle can be upgraded and turned into an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle, please get in touch with the LightSpeed Customer Care at +91-9512025250. You can also drop a photograph of your existing bicycle in our mailbox at go@lightspeed.bike with your query.
  6. Whom do I contact in case I need assistance after my purchase?
    You can contact LightSpeed anytime you need any kind of assistance. You can call or send us a WhatsApp message at 9512025250.
    For more details, visit https://www.lightspeed.bike.
  7. Do you offer EMI?
    Yes, we do offer easy EMI options. We want to make it possible for everyone to ride an electric vehicle of this calibre, and avail of the benefits of personal mobility that LightSpeed Electric Bicycles offer. To facilitate this, we have now partnered with Zest Pay to provide flexible EMI plans to our patrons.
  8. Can I pay by credit/debit card?
    Yes. You can pay us by credit/debit card easily. Your credit/debit card payment is secured in partnership with Razorpay. Apart from credit or debit card, you could also pay via net banking.
  9. Can I pay by bank transfer?
    Yes. You can directly transfer the amount to our bank account. As the payment reference, you can use the Order ID which will be provided while placing the order on the LightSpeed website. Once the money is credited in our account, we will ship your order. If you so prefer, you can pay us by issuing a cheque, as well.
  10. Why should I trust LightSpeed?
    LightSpeed Mobility Pvt Ltd. is a registered company based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with a dedicated 15 member team working hard day and night to churn out the best possible electric bikes and after sales services for consumers. We understand that it is difficult to trust someone over the internet without meeting them in person, especially when it comes to making a big purchase decision.
    However, we would like to assure you that we are here to stay. We are all very passionate about electric mobility and we love what we do. This company was not just started to sell LightSpeed Electric Bicycles. It was started with a vision to provide India with a mobility experience like never before. We take responsibility for every LightSpeed Electric Bicycle that we roll out, and hold ourselves accountable for the kind of experience our customers have, each time they ride their LightSpeed Electric Bicycle. We have a sound refund policy in place, which goes to show we have nothing to hide. Most importantly, LightSpeed Mobility is a venture supported by the Government of Gujarat through Startup Gujarat Grant as well.
  11. Is it wise to buy this LightSpeed Electric Bicycle without trying it first?
    These days more and more people are choosing to purchase things online, from the comfort of their home or office. With this in mind, LightSpeed has chosen to sell online. However, we strongly believe that you should pay only for products you truly like. So, we have a very pro-customer refund policy in place; so you can buy your LightSpeed Electric Bicycle online without worrying about a thing.
  12. Are there any hidden costs or taxes beyond the MRP?
    No. The prices of the Lightspeed Electric Bicycles mentioned on our website are the final price, inclusive of GST and Shipping charges. However, in case of electric conversion kits the prices may differ from those mentioned on the website, depending on the custom specifications needed by each unique bicycle.
  13. Where can I read some customer reviews?
    There are a lot of customer reviews for LightSpeed available on the internet.
  14. Links:
    Video Reviews:
    i. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BiWGiTfJy0
    ii. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-i7Ucpn4s0U
    Published Reviews
    i. http://www.pluginindia.com/reviews.html — Plugin India
    ii. https://www.thequint.com/tech-and-auto/car-and-bike/lightspeed-launches-two-electric-bicycles-in-india — The Quint
    iii. https://www.facebook.com/lightspeed.bike/reviews/
  15. How do I place a bulk order?
    For placing bulk orders, kindly email us at go@lightspeed.bike
  1. How long does my battery take to charge?
    The battery takes 3 to 4 hours to charge fully.
  2. What is the lifespan of the battery?
    LightSpeed uses Lithium-Ion Batteries with 18650 Samsung/LG or equivalent cells (the same batteries used in modern day premium electric cars); so, the battery lasts for a long time — generally 4 to 5 years.
  3. What lithium-ion cells does LightSpeed use?
    Dryft is powered by a 10.4 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack which runs on 18650 Samsung/LG or equivalent cells, while Glyd comes with a 7.8 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, which also runs on 18650 Samsung/LG or equivalent cells.
  4. What happens if the battery runs out of power?
    LightSpeed LightSpeed Electric Bicycles come equipped with mechanical pedals. In case the battery runs out of power, you can pedal the LightSpeed Electric Bicycle like a regular cycle.
  5. What is the cost of replacement of batteries?
    Replacement cost of 7.8 Ah Battery — INR 7,000 plus taxes
    Replacement cost of 10.4 Ah Battery — INR 10,000 plus taxes
  6. What is the range of the LightSpeed Electric Bicycles at various Pedal Boost levels?
    This largely depends on a cyclist’s body weight and a few other external factors. However, at Pedal Boost Level 1, you can get a range of approximately 60 kilometres.
  7. Can I purchase spare or extra batteries?
    Yes. You can purchase spare batteries from us.
  8. How is a portable battery better than just a removable battery?
    A portable battery is one that can be carried around everywhere without any difficulty. On the other hand, a removable battery is not designed to be moved and shifted by the user easily.
  9. Can I lock the battery?
    Yes. Dryft and Glyd LightSpeed Electric Bicycles both come equipped with an additional battery lock. The battery cradle is provided with an inbuilt lock to secure the bottle case.
  1. What does the warranty cover?
    The one year umbrella warranty includes a replacement warranty on all the electronic components of the LightSpeed Electric Bicycle. For the mechanical components, we provide a one year replacement warranty against manufacturing defects or malfunctioning.
    Apart from this, we provide a 2 year guarantee for the LightSpeed Electric Bicycle frame and the electric motor.
    Except for the shipping charges, all the replacements and repairs are free of cost under the warranty.
  2. Do the LightSpeed Electric Bicycles have a regenerative motor?
    Regenerative motor systems are known to make cycling harder and are quite harmful to the batteries. Hence, LightSpeed has refrained from providing a regenerative motor in its LightSpeed Electric Bicycles. Further, the energy you generate from pedalling for a very long time span will probably only amount to an extra 2­–4 minutes of power. So even though regenerative motors sound great, they do not provide the cyclist with much, in terms of utility.
  3. How often does an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle require maintenance?
    There is no need for special maintenance of your LightSpeed Electric Bicycle. If there are minor repairs needed, you can get them done at a local cycle shop.
  4. Where can I repair an LightSpeed Electric Bicycle?
    You can visit a local bicycle repair shop for almost any kind of repair required. In case there is a fault in the electronics, LightSpeed will be available to assist you.

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