Fury 518 Electric Bicycle


LightSpeed’s very first Electric Bicycle with Fat Tyres — the FURY 518 is the perfect fit for you, if you are among the few who have arrived in life and are unabashed about declaring it! LightSpeed FURY 518 is a fat tyre cycle with the power of a beast and all the benefits of a regular electric cycle.

The FURY 518 comes at an unbelievably attractive price for a fat bike with such enhanced features and tech specs.

How Does an Electric Cycle with Big Tyres Work? An electric cycle with big tyres or fat tyres works in three different ways.

Electric Twist Throttle

The first way to ride a fat tyre e-cycle is by twisting the ‘throttle’, and purely relying on electric power drawn from the battery; i.e. the motor does all the work in propelling your LightSpeed FURY 518.

Manual Pedalling— 100% Human Effort

The second way to ride an electric fat bike is by ‘manual pedalling’, in which only human effort is involved. Even though the FURY 518 has great electric capabilities, you can choose to rely entirely on your muscle power to propel your fatboy forward.

Electric Pedal Boost —
Electric Assistance + Human Effort

The third way to ride an electric mountain bike with fat tyres is by engaging ‘Pedal Boost’; Pedal Boost is a fine blend of human and electrical effort; i.e. the motor supports you during pedalling and makes your pedalling smoother.

Features Here’s a walkthrough of some of the best features of the LightSpeed FURY 518. Not only will they justify the price of this electric fat bike, they will also make you want to own it right away!

Dynamic Display

A backlit display that shows you a host of readings such as your trip distance, trip time, speed, motor temperature, and much more.
It allows you to engage Cruise Control and Walk Assist at the touch of a button.

Aluminium Frame

The lightweight aluminium frame helps balance out the weight of the fat tyres, while lending the cyclist greater agility as he rides the fat electric cycle of his dreams.

250W Motor with 45NM Torque Motor

: Rest your worries about the pick-up of your fat tyre cycle. The 250 Watt Rear Hub Motor and enhanced 45Nm Torque enable you to extract maximum power from your fat tyre bicycle from the very first pedal.

4 inch wide Tyre

All the machismo of this mean machine of an electric cycle comes from its larger than life fat tyres. The FURY 518 has really big tyres that draw just the right kind of attention to you, as you pedal along.

21 Speed Gears

When you buy a fat electric bicycle like the LightSpeed FURY 518, it comes with in-built 21 Speed Gears from Shimano. Not only do these gears give you greater choice with respect to the intensity of your ride, they also ease out slopes and mountains significantly.

5 Level Pedal Boost

As the perfect complement to your 21 Speed Shimano Gears, LightSpeed FURY 518 comes with 5 Level Pedal Boost. This enables you to decide how much effort you share with your fat electric cycle’s powerful motor. You can let it do most of the work, or you can take the lead with minimal support. You can also divide the effort equally with your fat bike.

13.4 Ah Li-ion Battery

Because the FURY 518 is an electric bicycle with fat tyres, it comes with a Portable 13.4Ah Lithium Ion Battery to give you an approximate range of 45 km per full charge, when you ride it at medium levels of Pedal Boost with a little bit of throttling.
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