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Glyd is LightSpeed’s version of the urban mobility dream built for Indian roads. With its sheer good looks — a pristine black body with vibrant orange, professing youthful defiance — the bicycle catches your attention and the smooth performance of the powerful Pedal Boost technology hooks you to the experience.

But it’s not just the addictive nature of this experience that will do it for you; the longevity of the joyride translates to visible health benefits and an increased penchant for capturing slices of life in the city and on the street. It’s a tall promise and we back it up, all the way through.

Beat Traffic Congestion & Pollution with Glyd


Glyd is ideal for you if you have been looking for a way to get back at the gnawing urban routine of congested roads and dreadful commutes. When you value independence and are still left at the mercy of traffic for travelling, Glyd comes to your rescue with a very visible, healthy change in your lifestyle. Take it off for a spin whenever you need to get out for a chore, or use it for your daily commute.

Witness your routine, mundane commute transform into a refreshing dash — and if you are worried about exerting yourself too much, our Pedal Boost technology will come to your rescue. Throughout your ride you can keep switching between manual pedaling, electric throttling, and electrically assisted riding (Pedal Boost) as per your preference. Glyd comes with 3 different levels of Pedal Boost to give you a better choice when it comes to how you travel.

Glyd has been designed keeping in mind the needs of urban commuters. It has a long range on its battery to support most daily commutes or pleasure outings. It goes to a top speed of 25 kmph and in most traffic situations that makes it practically faster than motorbikes and cars. Its slender build ensures that it can enter spaces that other vehicles cannot. Every instance of heavy traffic that has ever made you halt is now a trigger for you to go off exploring the unseen streets of your city on your electric bicycle. Glyd is also an eco-friendly alternative to your current vehicles.

The Ideal Companion for Urban Commute


The battery has a strong 7.8 Ah capacity, with premium Samsung or equivalent 18650 cells that will power all your sojourns off the main road to the city’s heart. A powerful display with LED indicators ensures that you get to view your basic ride statistics right in front of you.

Once LightSpeed Glyd becomes a part of your lifestyle, you start making daily deposits of physical exercise to your piggy bank of good health. The paradox of travelling to the gym or joggers’ park in a car is resolved by having an electric bicycle. You can cycle to your workout location, thereby maximizing your workout time.

Shift to smarter commute | Shift to LightSpeed


Every time you use your electric bicycle, you add to the number of kilometers that you have ridden. Each kilometer makes a change to how you look and how you feel.

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