Recommended Monthly Maintenance and Service of an Electric Bicycle

Maintenance and Service of an Electric Bicycle

The maintenance of electric bicycles is fairly easy and uncomplicated, even though it may not seem so at first glance. So, this blog is an attempt to explain what is involved in the monthly maintenance of electric bicycles, the average cost of an electric cycle’s maintenance, monthly expense of owning an electric bicycle, monthly maintenance of an electric bicycle battery, and other running costs of owning an electric cycle.

For starters, your electric bicycle can be serviced and maintained at any local corner-side bicycle shop; a trained bicycle mechanic can also manage it easily for you. If you own an electric cycle from a reputed brand such as LightSpeed, they have affiliations with across 13 locations and counting. Fixmycycle mechanics are experts in handling LightSpeed electric cycles, so if they happen to be present in your city or town, they will even visit your home and assist you with maintenance.

How to Maintain Electric Bicycles with Ease:

  • Tyre Pressure

Maintain your tyre pressure accurately and optimally, based on the numbers mentioned on each tyre. Doing this correctly every week ensures a long battery range, increases the life of your tyres, and makes pedalling easy.

  • Wheel Alignment

Check the wheel alignment from time to time. Wheel alignment impacts the battery range directly. If your wheels are not aligned, the brakes will also not perform well, and they will wear out quickly, leading to a safety concern.

  • Bicycle Chain

When looking at the monthly maintenance of your electric bicycle, do make it a point to tighten the chain to avoid chain slips. It is important to check the tension here to ensure that there is no slack.

  • Brakes

The average cost of an electric bicycle’s brake maintenance is quite low. Before every ride, check the brake lever on the handle bar. Do this even with a regular cycle. Once every two weeks check the break pad for wear and tear. This is of utmost importance, to ascertain that you remain safe.

  • Electronics

The electronics on your electric cycle need very little maintenance, as long as the cycle rides well and feels comfortable. If you sense repeated glitches in electronic functioning, contact your manufacturer for assistance.

  • Battery

Engineers at LightSpeed recommend charging and discharging your battery completely at least once a month, especially if you do not use your e cycle regularly.

  • Cleaning

Because cleaning your electric cycle is fairly straightforward the running costs of owning an electric cycle are further brought down. You should only wipe down the e cycle with a damp cloth; avoid using water jets and pipes to clean.

  • Mechanical Check

Good monthly maintenance of electric bicycles involves checking the nuts and bolts, and tightening them where required.

  • Lubrication

To reduce the average cost of an electric bicycle’s maintenance in the long run, keep the chain lubricated at all times. Use a lubricant from a good brand such as 3M, for best results. Talk to Us: In case you have doubts regarding how to maintain your electric bicycle, at LightSpeed we encourage you to contact our engineers. They will address your specific issue with their training and expertise, to find you an appropriate solution that is cost effective.

All in all, it’s very easy to own and maintain an electric bicycle. The monthly costs of maintaining an electric cycle are also pretty low. The effort is not much more than what you have to put in with a regular cycle, but the returns are much higher. Maintaining an e cycle from a good brand is hassle-free, simple, and quick. It is also very reasonable.

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