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An energetic blue and orange mountain bike, Dryft is meant to take you to those places where no other vehicle can. This robust e-Bike is as much an adventure junkie as you. It is the ideal companion to the thrill seeker in you. Wherever you decide to ride, your Dryft always has your back.

Delivery: January 2020

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Select a Colour for your DRYFT: * 

Go in for a vibrant Blue/Orange combination, or upgrade to Custom Colour to suit your liking and bring out your unique personality.

Select a BATTERY Specification for your Dryft: * 

If you plan to cycle more than 50 km per day, opt for a battery upgrade of 13 ah for 65 km and 17 Ah will give a range upto 100 kms

Gears * 

Optimize your electric cycle with mechanical gears:
Gears are a great addition for long distance rides, and for fitness training.
Single speed works well in an urban setting for daily commute
7 speed gears are ideal for medium level slopes and medium distance rides.
21 speed gears are recommended if you plan to ride long distances, or if you frequently ride in mountainous regions across high slopes.

Select a Charger for your Dryft: * 

We recommend upgrading to a 5A Charger if you have opted for a 13 Ah or 17 Ah Battery.

Insurance * 

Secure your peace of mind. Select an insurance to safeguard your electric cycle against theft and accidental damage.

Tyre * 



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Dryft is a multi-utility electric bicycle from India’s own EV manufacturer — LightSpeed Mobility. Dryft is special because it doubles up as a great city bicycle and an ideal adventure companion.


  • Dryft has a 250 Watt 32nm Rear Hub Motor that is powered by a 10.4Ah Lithium Ion Battery.
  • The battery is comes in a smart bottle case and rests on the bottom bracket of your Dryft.
  • The battery is removable and portable making it easy to charge in just 3 to 4 hours.


  • Dryft has an advanced 5 Level Pedal Boost System designed to replace mechanical gears.
  1. This mechanism allows you to select the amount of assistance you want from your motor.
  2. At Pedal Boost Level 0, the entire effort of riding is yours.
  3. As you raise the Pedal Boost level from Levels 1 through 5, you get progressively higher assistance from the motor.
  • It almost feels like you’re being pushed forward.
  • A 12 magnet sensor attached to the bottom bracket senses your pedalling action to give you the right amount of assistance.
  • Dryft also has a Twist Throttle and a Cruise Control mode.


  • There is a Backlit Multi-feature Dynamic Display with an LCD screen on the handlebar of Dryft.
  • It has all the digital controls you’ll need to ride your electric bicycle efficiently.
  • This display shows you a host of information and readings such as your speed, trip time, total distance covered, and motor temperature, among other things.
  • The display is a password protected gadget that lets you select you Pedal Boost Levels, and opt for Cruise Control or Walk Assist with just the touch of a button.


  • The braking system on your electric bicycle must be responsive and effective when you speed along on it and traverse all kinds of adventurous trails.
  • Dryft comes with high calibre e-Brakes and 26 inch superior grip wheels.
  • The e-brakes immediately cut the power supply from the motor, when engaged so that all movement comes to a swift halt.
  • If you ride your LightSpeed Dryft optimally, using a healthy mix of Pedal Boost and minimal throttling, the battery on your electric bicycle can give you a range of approximately 50km on each full charge.
  • This costs you about 6 paisa/km. Dryft gives you the satisfaction of saving money and reducing harmful emissions at the same time.


  • Your Dryft arrives at your doorstep 95% assembled, in a strong 7-ply cardboard box.
  • This ensures that the electric bicycle reaches you in good shape.
  • Dryft is easy to assemble using the toolkit provided in the box.
  • LightSpeed Electric Bicycles can be assembled very fast because of the quick release mechanism provided with most of the components.
  • Your local mechanic can assemble a LightSpeed bicycle within minutes.
  • In case you wish to Do-it-Yourself, our engineers will get in touch with you to help you assemble the bicycle over phone or video conference.


  • LightSpeed Electric Bicycles are easy to service and maintain.
  • Regularly check that the tires, wheels and handle bars are in alignment. Check that the brakes are responsive. This ensures a long range, good battery life, and a safe ride every time.
  • LightSpeed Electric Bicycles can be serviced like regular bicycles by any local bicycle shop/mechanic.


  • Motor: Brushless D.C. Hub Motor
  • Motor: 250w 36v
  • Motor Location: Rear
  • Motor Torque: 32 Nm


  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Battery Cell: 18650 series cell
  • Battery Make: Samsung/LG or equivalent
  • Battery Case: Portable Aluminum Bottle Case
  • Battery Capacity: 10.4 Ah
  • Battery Range: 50 kms
  • Battery Voltage: 36
  • Charger: 3A
  • Charging Time: 4 Hrs
  • Battery Life: 800-1000 charge cycles


  • Pedal Assist Level: 5 Level
  • Maximum Speed: 25 km/hr
  • Throttle: Full Twist
  • PAS Sensor: 12 Magnet Dual Hall Sensor
  • Wiring: IP 65 Water Resistance
  • Braking: Electronic Cut-off while brakes are applied.
  • Display: Multi feature LCD Display with Cruise Control.
  • Front Head Lamp


  • Spoke: 13G Stainless Steel
  • Rims:  Alloy
  • Frame Material: Carbon Steel
  • Chainwheel: 44T
  • Saddle: Sport Seat
  • Bottom Bracket: Square Taper Sealed Cartridge
  • Gears: Single speed speed
  • Frame: MTB
  • Brake Front: Disc
  • Brake Rear: Disc
  • Front Suspension
  • Tyres: 2.10*26
  • Weight: 22 Kg including Battery

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4 reviews for LightSpeed DRYFT | An Adventure Electric Bicycle

  1. Sahil

    great bicycle, super fast, very energetic

  2. Hari GK

    Riding my Dryft since 2 months now. I feel more fit and healthy. I recommend for everyone who wants more active life

  3. Venugopal

    Excellent Ebike.

    I am using it to commute to office daily for a distance of 19kms. Its been 5 days started using it and i am loving the each ride. Every time i need to go out i am inclined to go by ebike instead of my petrol bike.

    Here is my complete review.

    When i got the idea of commute to office through bicycle which can be adding fitness myself (considering my laziness to go for walk or gym), I feared of the uphills which are many in way to office. later i came to know that there are electric bicycles in market which will serve my purpose.

    I look for different branded ebikes like hero lactro, which are high in price. and check for spero and others which doesn’t look to be a good looking bicycle. I even thought of getting parts from chaina and assemble here. But the price including shipping going beyond my budget.

    I have contacted different vendors in india and i got pretty good response from light speed.
    Firstly i liked the bottle type battery and inbuilt controller which will looks awesome. And rear hub motor looks to be good design. So i proffered lightspeed.

    The delivery took around 6 days to hyderabad once i placed the order.
    And all the parts came with good packing. No damage to items. Looks team took much care in packaging.

    The fitting is very easy. 95% assembly is done at seller part only. I just need to fit front wheel, handle adjustment and pedal fitting. Which is just 10 to 1 5mins job. Finally attached the battery. Ready to go..
    Quick and easy assembly.

    First ride:
    i took the bicycle to out and started the bicycle with pedal assist 1, i feel the assistance and tried all the modes 1-5, great feeling..
    Throttle works great. the throttle will work only if the pedal assist mode is between 1 to 5. that’s good i feel.
    as if wanted to do pure bicycle i can keep in pedal assist to 0 and bicycle. i can see all the info on screen. so no need to turn off the electric parts for manual pedaling. good option.

    First ride to office:
    My way is having some slopes and one of it has a decent uphill slope (may be around 20-25 degree), i am able to reach up with some peddling, not difficult. The best part is when i stopped in traffic at signals, To start i use throttle and pedaling both and it moves just like my petrol bike.
    overall it as taking 35 mins to my office (around 9.5 kms) where as on my petrol bike it will be 25mins. so i feel the time wise i am good.

    Max speed:
    The Max speed is limited to 25kmph which is a limitation by Indian law’s. The bicycle is able to reach to max speed easily, but once it cross 25kmps the motor power cuts off and i need to pedal hard to go further speed.
    i figure out a way to increase the max speed limit got it from youtube. i made the limit to Max speed of 40kmph. and then tried.
    This time bike reached to a max speed of 32 kmph. which is a very good speed. motor can not allow further speed as it is the limitation of 250W motor. (in theory 250W motor can have max rpm of 300, so 300 rpm with 26inch tyre can go a max speed around 35kmph).
    Just for testing purpose i change the max speed to 40kmph, Again reverted to 25kmph to be safe with regulations.

    Positive points:
    1) Looks great..
    2) Removable battery is a very nice design.
    3) The front LED headlight brightness is very good
    4) Pedal assist and throttle is working seamlessly.
    5) Easy liver for seat lift
    6) Easy liver for front Tyre removal.
    7) Decent battery life. i feel bike can go ~40kms only with throttle. yet to do a full battery testing. 40kms my assumption with battery level, i went 20kms with first two bars. with level 1 to 2 we can easily reach to 50kms range.

    Negative Points:
    1) The front and read disk breaks are not tuned properly, which needs manual adjustment
    2) Seating should have more cushion, i am thinking of buying a seat cover.

    1) Adjusting the Disk breaks took some time, once fine tuned they work good
    2) My left pedal crank was loosen, the problem is with faulty bolt, once replaced in local bicycle shop everything goes fine.

    Overall: It is a value for money product.

    One last thing: Do we really need gears to the Ebike? Have this question in mind while purchasing, light speed team told me that digital gears will do all the jobs better than physical gears before purchased. once i tried the bicycle what ever they said it is true. for e-bike physical gears are not an great advantage (same i heard from other dryft owner).

  4. Atin Srivastava

    I belong to Hyderabad and ordered Dryft electric cycle directly via the LightSpeed website on Jan 2 2020 and got it delivered on Jan 16th 2020. I have been using the cycle for daily commute to office (in Hi-Tect City) from my home in Sun City and to and fro distance is 30 kms. It has been 45 plus days and I haven’t faced any trouble so far. It is actually taking the same time for me to commute to office that it used to take me by car earlier.

    While going to office, it’s usually uphill all along my ride and I drive using pedal assist 3 or 4. During steep uphill roads (near Ikea), I pedal with pedal assist 5. While returning home, it’s obviously downhill. With a full charged battery (vol = 41.9), it end up at around 37 vol when I reach office in the morning. I charge the battery in office again.

    It has been so far a wonderful experience for me and I make it a point to ride atleast 3 days in a week to office using my Dryft electric cycle. I have finished 500+ kms on Feb 28th and a lot more to go. Anyone looking for the following must go for an electric bike
    1. Convert sedentary lifestyle to a more active and healthy one
    2. Get more sunlight on a daily basis – which is usually missing in this age/ era we are living
    3. Drive without the tension one get while driving a car through traffic
    4. Get heads turned in your direction 😉

    The only thing I see missing is a bottle holder – which is important given the need for the same. Otherwise – kudos to the team at LightSpeed.

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