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Upgrade your regular bicycle to an e-Bike. LightSpeed’s Electric Kit is a ready to fit set of high- tech gadgets that combine to create the perfect e-Bike for all your commute, adventure, recreation, and exercise. Mix and match between various battery specifications and Pedal Boost Sensors to customise your bicycle according to your needs.

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Product Description

LightSpeed Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

The LightSpeed Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is a kit designed to convert your regular bicycle into an electric bicycle. This electric bike conversion kit comes with a Li-ion battery that is removable and portable. The e bike conversion kit can be completely customised based on your requirements and usage patterns. There are various non branded electric bike conversion kits available in the market at very low prices, but LightSpeed’s is among the fastest and best electric bicycle conversion kit in India, in terms of ease of assembly, and time involved.

When purchasing an electric bicycle conversion kit from manufacturers in India, please ensure that your electric cycle kit includes all the components needed for conversion. Also check if you’re being given a variety of customization options with the electric cycle conversion kit.

Following is the list of components to choose from when you purchase a LightSpeed Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit.

Motor Options:

There are three options for the placement of the motor when you buy a battery bicycle kit in India.

  • Front Wheel Drive: In this motor placement, the motor is located in the front wheel of the bicycle. When you ride the bicycle, the motor pulls you forth. This is the most reasonable option, but it also causes the bicycle to drag a little, as compared to its counterparts. LightSpeed does not recommend a Front Wheel Drive Motor for urban areas.
  • Rear Wheel Drive: In this motor placement, the motor is located in the rear wheel of the bicycle. When you ride the bicycle, the motor gives you a gentle push from behind, leading to a very enjoyable ride. LightSpeed Dryft and LightSpeed Glyd come with Rear Wheel Drive motors. This placement is highly recommended, because of its comfort and balanced price point.
  • Rear Wheel Drive with Spline: This motor setting is designed for high end bicycles that have a spline fitting for a rear gear cassette.


Special Motor Options:

  • Bafang Mid Drive Motor: The mid drive motor is located in the middle of the bicycle to provide a very balanced ride. The Bafang Mid Drive Motor is extremely powerful and has 90nm torque.



The battery capacity that you select in your bicycle conversion kit essentially decides the distance you can ride in one single charge. LightSpeed lets you select from three options.

  • 7.8 Ah Li-ion Battery: This portable battery gives you a range of approximately 35 km per single charge.
  • 10.4Ah Li-ion Battery: This portable battery gives you a range of approximately 50 km per single charge.
  • 13 Ah Li-ion Battery: This portable battery gives you a range of approximately 65 km per single charge.


All the batteries contain 18650 cells of a superior make such as Samsung, LG, or equivalent. The range provided by a battery is calculated on flat roads using a healthy mix of Pedal Boost and Throttle. The cyclist who tests the range has an average body weight of 70–80 kg. Body weight, head winds, gradients, and method of usage may affect the range of the battery.


It is important to only use compatible chargers provided by the company, to charge your electric bicycle battery, once you have converted your bicycle. LightSpeed lets you choose between two variants of chargers.

  •  3A Charger: This charger charges a 7.8 Ah battery in 3 hours and a 10.4 Ah battery in 4 hours, approximately.
  •  5A Charger: This is a fast charger that charges a 10.4 Ah battery in 2 hours and a 13 Ah battery in 3 hours, approximately.


Head Light:

LightSpeed allows you to decide whether or not you wish to purchase a luminous head light for your bicycle. We recommend you get one if you plan to ride in foggy regions, or at night. However, if you only plan to ride your electric bicycle in clear weather and during the day, you can choose not to purchase the head light.

Pedal Assist Sensor:

LightSpeed electric bicycle conversion kits are available across India with 2 variants of Pedal Assist Sensors. You can either opt for a 3 Level Pedal Boost (like in Glyd), or a 5 Level Pedal Boost (like in Dryft), depending on how much control you’d like to retain when it comes to choosing the amount of effort you share with the motor.


  • LightSpeed electric cycle conversion kits come with e-brakes to facilitate instantaneous power supply cut-off in case of emergency braking. This brings all movement to an immediate standstill; a feature that is especially important when riding your electric bicycle in crowded zones.
  • LightSpeed lets you select between two kinds of e-brakes — integrated, and hydraulic. Please talk to a LightSpeed Engineer for assistance in selecting the best e-brake based on your use case.



LightSpeed electric bicycle conversion kits come with very responsive, sensitive throttles. You can choose between two types of gears depending on whether your bicycle has gears or not. For bicycles with gears, LightSpeed recommends a thumb twist throttle. For bicycles without gears, a full twist throttle is ideal.


In an electric bicycle, the display is a key component; it is from the display that the cyclist can control and shift between various levels of pedal boost, while also keeping a check on battery levels.

  • Basic LED Display: A Basic LED Display comes with an on/off button, battery indicator, and 3 Levels of Pedal Assist.
  • Dynamic Digital Display: The Dynamic Digital Display is backlit and shows a host of readings such as battery indication, trip distance, battery voltage, average speed, max speed, real time riding speed, total distance, motor temperature, environmental temperature, total trip time, motor power, e-brake, and error code. Pedal Boost Levels, Headlight & Backlight, Cruise Control, and Walk Assist can all be controlled from the Dynamic Digital Display panel.



Every LightSpeed Electric Bicycle Conversion kit comes with a high quality, premium grade, superior controller. The controller is responsible for managing the voltage and ampere input and output in the electric cycle. It controls the critical functions of your e cycle. The controller uses power from the battery pack and drives it to the hub motor, making it an essential part of the bicycle conversion kit.


When purchasing a bicycle conversion kit in India, it is essential that the wiring is of premium grade, to ensure your safety while riding and charging. LightSpeed electric bicycle conversion kits have specialised wiring that is IP 65 protected, meaning it is water resistant and dust proof.

If you’r looking to convert your regular bicycle into an electric bicycle, then you want to go for the best electric bicycle conversion kit available in the market. Now, the way to go about choosing the right electric cycle conversion kit in India, where the market is still pretty nascent, is to get on call with a LightSpeed engineer for a consultation regarding which electric bicycle accessories and components you should pick and choose to build the best electric bicycle possible, within your budget. Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of looking for the fastest electric bicycle conversion kit, because eventually all electric cycles are capped at a certain speed limit by government regulations in India

Conversion Kit Assessment

Cycling enthusiasts who would like to add electric power and speed to their Regular Bicycles with LightSpeed’s Electric Conversion Kit, please fill out this detailed yet quick assessment form so we can better understand your bicycle. Our Engineering Team will get in touch with you regarding the possibilities.

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