Fat electric bike

A powerful beast that thunders in noiselessly; an epitome of contradictions forged in steel. Lighter than it looks, stronger than it seems, a true blue mean machine designed to conquer every terrain it treads. Behold the LightSpeed Fury 518.
Announce your arrival with a classy, power-packed statement. A muscle bike built to make heads turn, made superior with LightSpeed’s hi-tech electronics. The Fury 518 is everything you’ve imagined, and then some more. Prevail.

Product Description

Portable Li-Ion Battery for Heightened Convenience: The LightSpeed Fury 518 comes with a Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery with 18650 series cells. The battery is encased in a Snug Portable Casing for good looks and convenience. The 36 volts battery takes about 2 hours to get charged, and comes with a 5A charger. It has a life cycle of 800 to 1000 charges. The battery comes in 2 variants – 10.4 Ah and 13 Ah. While the former gives you an approximate range of 45 km per full charge, the latter can give you approximately 60 km per full charge.

Powerful Rear Hub Motor: This Li-ion battery powers a 250w 36v Brushless D.C. Hub Motor with a 45 Nm Torque. The motor is situated in the rear wheel, thus giving the rider a feel of being pushed forward as he pedals along. This motor location ensures that you do not feel any sort of drag as you cycle.

High Powered Torque for Steep Slopes & Extreme Trails: Torque is the pulling force needed to overcome the inertia of a still vehicle to move it from its resting position. High torque essentially translates into better, more powerful pickup, which is especially essential in an electric vehicle. Because Fury 518 has fat tyres, we’ve increased the torque from 32 Nm to 45 Nm, making it very easy for the cyclist to get the bicycle moving. The rush of power you get from an energetic pick-up is a push in the right direction, to get you started on an exhilarating journey.

21 Speed Shimano Gears for Increased Endurance & Heightened Control: The LightSpeed Fury 518 has 21 Speed Shimano Gears on popular request from our patrons. This makes it even more interesting to ride a bicycle with super fat tyres. When you’re in the mood for an exhausting workout session, you can adjust the gear settings to echo the level of challenge you desire and burn calories like never before.

Convenient, Practical Commute with Superior 5 Level Pedal Boost: For days when you desire slightly less of a challenge and more of a smooth ride, you can select between 5 Levels of Pedal Assistance. At Levels 1 and 2, you put in more effort while the motor assists you just a little bit. At Level 3, you share the effort of pedalling with the motor; and at Levels 4 and 5, the motor puts in most of the effort while you only exert yourself a little. What’s more, you can keep switching between levels with the simple touch of a button on the Multi-feature Dynamic Display.

Responsive, Secure e-Brakes for Emergency Electrionic Cut-off: Because the Fury 518 is above all an Indian bicycle, it understands Indian roads, Indian traffic, and the necessity for sudden braking. The Fury 518 comes with e-brakes; when you apply the brakes all electronic supply is instantaneously cut-off. You can enjoy the rush of power while also being sensitive to fellow pedestrians and stray animals. The instant power cut-off also helps you brake just in time to avoid potholes.


3.7/5 (55 Reviews)
3.7/5 (55 Reviews)


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