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Tanxci asked 7 months ago

when you Choose Only One Chinese Word to Learn

In language, And also regarding other languages, We like to use the term ‘good’ to greet. It is in standard hola like ‘Good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ to ‘good night’; And phrases like ‘good to hear from you’ and ‘good to see you’.

additionally, Chinese like to use the word ‘hao’ which means ‘good’ when they see one another.

the truth is, the term ‘hao’ is handier than the English word ‘good’. to generate videos independently to greet, without the need to add any other Chinese character, If you choose not to.

The moment you master it and which is not difficult quite a few immediately, And see the faces brightened up before you. is not that nice?

then, if you notice someone, in basic terms say ‘hao’, indicates good!

To make your language more colorful, You can add ‘ma’ behind, And form the phrase, ‘hao ma, This turns the greeting into a question form, indicates literally ‘do you feel good, Or ‘how at this time,

when someone greets you, And you’d like to respond in Chinese, simply say, ‘hao’.

is usually auspicious

The second reason you may need learn the word is that it is auspicious.

Who doesn’t adore being good? Good trade, Good performance, Good learning, Good wisecracks!

for instance people of other cultures, chinese women western men Chinese like to see things auspicious. most during important occasions like wedding, giving birth, Opening ceremonies of companies. On such special occasions, You will hear the word ‘hao’ being used as often as needed.

a small part of the word, You really can add to the joy of such occasions!

on aspect, The Chinese character of ‘hao’ is quite interesting. It offers two components: Each a character. On the left is the character for ‘daughter’, And the most appropriate, ‘son’. Having children is necessary to family bliss. So even the look of the smoothness itself is auspicious!

It is the root of countless Chinese words

Third, Hao is the root of several Chinese words.

While hao is needed on its own, It can also be used in conjunction with many other characters to form words. Learning the smoothness ‘hao’, accordingly, Make learning many short easier.

These are some situations: Hehao mean helpful, Haoshi means nutrients, Haoren means a good person and haochu means positive effects.

at any rate, Even if this is the only word that you understand, It is an effective tool to take you round China making new friends.

most likely someone, Greet regarding the word ‘hao’.

If you are in a restaurant and asked whether the food is good; if you rave about the food, typically say, ‘hao’.

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