Reason to buy a ebike

Reasons to Buy a LightSpeed Electric Bicycle

At LightSpeed Mobility, we have worked hard to specialise the eBike into a product that is unique in it’s offerings, and provides a wide range of benefits to everyone.

Whether you are looking to spice up your daily routine with a new experience or want to have a new way to exercise, you will have something to be excited about the eBike.

Have more fun and enjoy yourself

The time you spend riding on the eBike is your time to let go of your worries. Bask in the elation of effortless cruising or work yourself up to a challenging level to pedal upon. Discover the joy of riding while our system strikes the right balance between exerting yourself and being on cruise control.

Let go and cherish the ease.

As many surveys have found out, this joy in using the eBike adds up. Most eBike users prefer to use the eBike twice as much as regular eBike users, and health benefits follow.

Improved quality of life through an active experience

The eBike uses a combination of pedaling and electric assistance. You can adjust the balance according to your wish. If you choose to pedal alone, you will be performing high intensity exercise. If on the other hand you are using pedal assist, you will still be involved in a low intensity cardio workout.

This regular involvement in active mobility will compound itself into a better quality of your life.

An eBike takes your lifestyle one step ahead in the quest for a sustainable future.

eBikes have a lower carbon footprint than most commute options that people have in general. So, the more you choose them over your conventional get-around methods, the more you contribute towards a sustainable future.

The march towards sustainability is made up of small steps adding up in the same direction, and each such small step counts.

The eBikes gives you many reasons to make that choice. The eBikes are immune to many traffic congestions that can hold a car behind, and it is much more easier to navigate an eBike than a heavy two wheeler.

Add style to your leisure time

Having an eBike with you in your leisure time increases the number of options that you have and it adds to your kitty bag of things that you could do. Use the eBike to reach to your gym, the playground you go to for your evening walk or your trekking destination. If you need to fit in a few more activities or run your errands, the pedal assist on the eBike will give you that extra time to do so.

The best experience with an eBike is that the level of pedal assist can accommodate your energy levels. You can pedal with your full might if you are feeling energetic, or if the day has left you particularly tired let the pedal assist take you to your destination — you won’t have any reason to skip the day.

The No Sweat guarantee makes your commute fun

One major turnoff that people have when it comes to using a bike for a commute is the sweat. One simply does not want to arrive at the office oozing sweat and clothes drenched wet. This is where the eBikes really come through with their pedal assist. It’s the battery and the motor that is doing all the work, and yet the entire eBike is almost as lightweight as a normal bike. The barrier of arriving at your 8 hour office time soaked in sweaty clothes has been completely removed.

You arrive at your destination fresh and clean, while the light frame has not kept you stuck at any spot in the traffic.

The eBikes need no licensing

The eBikes have been made keeping in mind the licensing requirements and legal framework of the country. LightSpeed mobility eBikes operate in a range that does not require a license. This effectively means that the eBike is ready to be used as soon as you purchase it, with zero formalities or procedures involved elsewhere.

The eBikes require zero maintenance

The batteries that power the eBikes are rechargeable. The batteries and the motor together have zero emissions. You do not need to carve out specific time from your schedule to take them out for a service. They are just… …ready.

Conquer Hills and Gradients

No where else does the pedal assist become more helpful than on a trek, where the specialized sensors constantly calibrate the level of assist based on the throttle and pedaling effort. You will have an uninterrupted trekking experience of relishing your surroundings, without any strain on your legs.

Whether you are facing strong headwind or fighting against a steep gradient, the pedal assist has got your back.

E-bikes save Money in many ways

You own an electric bike which means you can take it out without hassles. That shop, at 10-minutes walking distance, will not look away to you just because you don’t want to take the car out of the garage.

You can cut down the prices of fuel, servicing, parking, oil, tires, repairs and more. Fuel charges make a significant change in themselves. The only cost you’ll be paying now is for charging batteries i.e. at least fifty times lesser than fuel price. Amused?

Sustainable development, better quality of life, more fun and fitness — aren’t these our actual goals?

Lightspeed E-bikes can help you in achieving all these at once. For cycling and health enthuasts, these bikes are already the first choice of conveyance. Do you also want to go car-free and help saving mother Earth from pollution?

E-bikes are the solution.

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    Good try but need some improvement in design for Indian roads. 1. Mudguard for Rainy days otherwise your dresss will………. you better know. 2. Small Luggage Carrier for some Marketting. 3. Reasonable Price because Hero Electric and Yo Byke are giving Electric Scooters almost at this Price. So If you want to capture the Indian Market You should think of these three points. thanks……….Your well wisher.

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