You really want that LightSpeed Electric Bicycle you just saw, LightSpeed even has your insurance covered now; but, you find that there’s something that still has you thinking twice – Maintenance and Service.

Who services an Electric Bicycle? Who helps you maintain yours? What happens if something breaks down?

Well, it’s fairly easy to maintain your LightSpeed Electric Bicycle all by yourself. We’ll help you with all the instructions from time to time. As for the service, most regular bicycle shops and standalone mechanics can service your LightSpeed Electric Bicycle quite easily. As for the repairs, our production and QC are streamlined enough so you won’t have to make frequent trips to a mechanic for assistance.

However, if you like to be extra sure and extra safe, you’re probably still concerned about the occasional repairs you might need to make, and how adept your mechanic might be with a new kind of vehicle.

So, LightSpeed Electric Bicycles have now tied up with Fix My Cycle. In select cities, the team at Fix My Cycle will provide you with qualified expertise for maintenance and repairs on your LightSpeed Electric Bicycle, with an added advantage of serving you at your doorstep. Fix My Cycle understands that people live busy lives; that it’s not always convenient to drop off your bicycle at a workshop and schedule a time to collect it. Addressing this primary concern Fix My Cycle offers easy, convenient, and reliable service for your LightSpeed Electric Bicycle just a phone call away. Cities where Fix My Cycle provides services:
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