• Bamboochi
    • RS 1,00,000 & above An e-cycle you can recycle. Introducing LightSpeed Bamboochi Electric. Lighter than aluminium, stronger than steel – made out of bamboo, and runs on a battery. A one of a kind, made to order e-Bike, whose frame geometry is designed and calibrated to suit every individual’s unique body structure.
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    • Fat electric bike
    • A powerful beast that thunders in noiselessly; an epitome of contradictions forged in steel. Lighter than it looks, stronger than it seems, a true blue mean machine designed to conquer every terrain it treads. Behold the LightSpeed Fury 518. Announce your arrival with a classy, power-packed statement. A muscle bike built to make heads turn, made superior with LightSpeed’s hi-tech…
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    • Electric Conversion Kit
    • 27,999.00
    • (including GST and Shipping)  Upgrade your regular bicycle to an e-Bike. LightSpeed’s Electric Kit is a ready to fit set of high- tech gadgets that combine to create the perfect e-Bike for all your commute, adventure, recreation, and exercise. Mix and match between various battery specifications and Pedal Boost Sensors to customise your bicycle according to your needs. Delivery: 10…
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    • Glyd
    • 29,999.00
    • Inclusive of GST and Shipping Glyd is a black beauty with dashes of orange here and there, in keeping with its capabilities to whizz through traffic in a flash. Designed for Indian roads, and Indian homes, the Glyd is lightweight, and easy to carry upstairs. Delivery: 10 to 15 days Disclaimer: To process the ZestMoney EMI only add the GLYD…
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    • Dryft
    • 39,999.00
      Rated 5.00 out of 5
    • Inclusive of GST and Shipping An energetic blue and orange mountain bike, Dryft is meant to take you to those places where no other vehicle can. This robust e-Bike is as much an adventure junkie as you. It is the ideal companion to the thrill seeker in you. Wherever you decide to ride, your Dryft always has your back. Delivery:…
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