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Maximise your Battery Range on your Electric Bicycle

One of the first things that tends to come to mind when you start thinking of buying an electric cycle is battery range anxiety. You may have heard mixed opinions on whether an electric cycle battery actually gives you the range that its manufacturer claims. Those who don’t enjoy a good battery range and those who do, are both telling you the truth about their experience with e cycles. So, we’ve laid out a quick list of pointers that will help you maximize the battery range of your electric cycle.

#1 Fully Charge the Battery
Every time you ride, make sure your battery is completely charged. This ensures that you get a good battery range. It also improves the overall efficiency of the battery and relieves you of battery anxiety.

#2 Check the Tyre PressureBefore each ride, check the tyre pressure, and ensure that your electric cycle’s tyres are inflated optimally, as per the tyre’s capacity. Check with your electric cycle manufacturer to find out what the optimal air pressure for your tyres is. If the tyre pressure is correct, your battery will give you a longer range.

#3 Service Your e-Cycle Regularly
Servicing your e-cycle regularly is a good habit to inculcate. Servicing takes care of all the minor fine-tuning and component alignment that goes into delivering a comfortable ride and a long battery range. When you get your e-cycle serviced, if there is a glitch you haven’t noticed, your mechanic is likely to spot it and help you sort it out, too.

#4 Wheel Rotation
Check that your electric cycle’s wheels are rotating freely at all times, when you ride. If you sense blockages in wheel rotation, take your e-cycle to a good local bicycle mechanic to get the issue sorted. Free, easy wheel rotation gives you a healthy, long battery range.

#5 Brake Pads
It is important that you do not ride your electric cycle with worn out brake pads. Change the brake pads from time to time, in order to maximize your battery range. Consult your electric cycle manufacturer to ascertain how frequently you should change the brake pads.

#6 Total Weight on the e-Cycle
The lower the total weight on the electric cycle, the more efficiently your battery functions. While most electric cycles can carry upto 100 kg of weight comfortably, this is not applicable if the 100 kg weight is distributed between two people.

#7 Ride at a Moderate Speed
Like all vehicles, even an electric cycle gives you the maximum range when you ride it at a moderate speed. Riding your electric cycle at medium levels of pedal assist, with a little bit of throttling maximises the battery range significantly.

#8 Support the Motor by Pedalling
It is advisable to pedal the electric cycle for a few seconds manually, before engaging the motor. When the motor is engaged after the cycle has caught momentum, it draws lesser energy from the battery, in turn maximising the battery range.

#9 Lubricate the Chain
The better condition your cycle’s mechanical components are in, the better your cycle runs, as a general rule. Take care that your electric cycle’s chains are sufficiently lubricated, to ensure smooth rides. When your cycle can glide across the street with ease, it consumes less battery power.

#10 Avoid Sudden Braking
When you brake suddenly, you engage an emergency power cut-off. While this feature is great for ensuring road safety, we urge you to avoid braking suddenly in normal scenarios, where gentle braking would suffice. This maximises your electric cycle’s battery range noticeably.

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