The LightSpeed Electric Conversion Kit

Turn your existing bicycle into a Powerful Electric Bicycle

LightSpeed Mobility currently has two electric bicycles on its catalogue — Glyd and Dryft. The Glyd is built to facilitate urban commute, while the Dryft is built to take on tougher terrains. They have been built with the spirit of experimentation and adventure, a desire to build something new, an urge to bring to our roads that which does not already exist.

For Your Adventurous Heart — LightSpeed Dryft

For Yourself and Your City — LightSpeed Glyd

Yet, we realized that these two aren’t the only ways in which we can bring that spirit to manifest. There is an entirely different route; one where you are invited to make your electric bicycle by yourself. The same spirit of your adventure and trying something new beckons you to make that which has not been made yet.

                                                             Bamboochi bicycle with a LightSpeed Electric Conversion Kit


You can take a bicycle of your choosing or Conversion a bicycle you already own into an electric bicycle. In doing so, you get to enjoy the same experience that we did when we first built the bicycles ourselves. This is a preferred option if you have trouble deciding between a certain bicycle in the market and a LightSpeed electric bicycle. You can take a frame of your choice and convert it into an electric bicycle using LightSpeed’s electric Conversion Kit.

However, if you are aghast at the prospect of changing your personal bicycle to turn it into an electric bicycle (or worse — tinker with a pristine, brand new piece using the kit); allow us to introduce you to the magic that are electric bicycles. Electric bicycles are the future, and they completely change your world view of commute and mobility. What was once a mindless ride changes into a joyful experience. You can explore the wilderness and the rocky terrain with Dryft or navigate urban mazes with Glyd.

Multi Level Pedal Boost | Now you can control the intensity of your workout


The central feature of LightSpeed’s electric bicycles is the pedal boost, which is provided by the electric motor. Pedal boost allows you to exercise at an intensity of your choosing when you feel the need to, and assists you in reaching speeds with unimaginable ease and smoothness not otherwise possible with bicycles.

The electric kit comprises of all the essential components needed to convert a regular bicycle into an electric bicycle:

  • Single wall alloyed rims, sized at 26” x 2.125” with 13G spokes.
  • Lithium ion battery running on Samsung/LG cells with a choice between 7.8Ah and 10.4Ah capacities.
                                                                                          Multi Feature Dynamic Display
  • A basic display panel, or a multi featured dynamic display panel.
  • Full twist throttles
  • Brushless, Noiseless TORQ motor rated at 250 Watts

As noted above, the kit provides a choice between two different variations of both the battery and the display panel. This means that of the four combinations that you can order the kit in, two of them allow you to match the configurations of Glyd (7.8Ah with a basic display) and Dryft (10.4Ah with a multi feature dynamic display).

To enumerate, the four combinations are:

· 7.8 Ah Battery with a Basic Display — as in Glyd

· 7.8 Ah Battery with a Multi Feature Display

· 10.4 Ah Battery with a Basic Display

· 10.4 Ah Battery with a Multi Feature Display — as in Dryft

While our kit-bag is a result of our experience and design choices in bicycles, you can always mix and match different combinations of equipment in a bid to experiment. It all depends on the experience that you want to create with what you have in mind.

It is entirely up to you how you build your dream electric bicycle with kit. You can opt to build it atop a cycle all by yourself (DIY style); or if you feel the need for assistance, you can get help from your local cycle shop on the build steps.

Team LightSpeed, at your service

And speaking of assistance, we are always ready to help you build your dream electric bicycle with the kit. Feel free to give us a call whenever you need assistance and our bicycle engineers will guide you step by step on the procedures involved in assembly.

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  1. I do require conversion kit for my hero cycle ordinary will it available in Maharashtra it so what cost please riplay sir

  2. Nitai Gaura Mani

    Hi ! I Require a conversion kit for BTWIN MY BIKE HYBRID CYCLE , in case you do have it , may i know the price

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