Best Tips for Safe Electric Cycling in the Rains

Best Tips for Safe Electric Cycling in the Rains

Tips for Safe Cycling in the Rains

The asphalt is drenched in raindrops. Little puddles line the streets, waiting to be splashed over by pedestrians and cyclists alike. It’s that time of the year again; monsoons have graced the country, leaving trees and grasses lush green, making hearts sing with joy.

The rainy season also happens to be great for cyclists, because it finally gets cloudy, pleasant, and breezy after months of pedalling under the scorching sun. However, the rain does bring along a few risks and dangers along with all its gentle pleasantness. Here’s a checklist of thing to look out for, if you’re planning to ride your electric bicycle in the rainy season. This checklist has some great cycling tips for riding an electric bicycle during monsoon that will guide you as regards how to protect your bicycle from the rain.

#1. Rust Protection Spray

If you plan to leave your electric cycle outdoors in the rains, or wish to ride while its pouring, we recommend spraying the surfaces with a good rust protection spray from a reputed brand such as 3M, or equivalent. This is a great rain protection for electric bicycles.Rust Protection Spray

#2. Personal Protection

Ensure you’re wearing all the necessary protective gear, including but not limited to a helmet and protective shin guards. No matter how carefully you ride, there’s always a chance of skidding. Ensure that your brakes are completely functional, before every ride. Follow this important electric cycle maintenance tip for monsoon, and you will always be safe while cycling.

Personal Protection

#3. Mud Guards & Rain Coat

If you’re riding to work on an electric bicycle, make sure you invest in a raincoat that is lightweight and also provides full body protection. Also invest in a good pair of mud guards for your cycle tyres, to prevent mud splashes on your clothes. Mud guards also play an important role in protecting your electric bicycle battery from splashes.

Mud Guards & Rain Coat

#4. Keep in the Shade

Your electric bicycle has a lot of electric and electronic components. While LightSpeed has ensured that all the electronics on your e cycle are IP65 water resistant, long hours of rain lashing are not advisable for your EV. This is one of the most essential bicycle maintenance tips for monsoon.

Keep in the Shade

#5. Watch your Speed

It can be very tempting to speed along wet roads with drastically lowered friction, but we urge you to keep a tab on how much you speed. A combination of Pedal Boost, throttle, and human effort on wet asphalt can culminate in very high speeds. While your LightSpeed is equipped with e-Brakes, among other cycling tips for monsoon, we strongly advise you to only ride at speeds which you can safely control.

Watch your Speed

#6. Use your best judgement

When riding your electric cycle in the rains, we urge you to use your best judgement. If the rains are too heavy for you, then they’re very likely too heavy for your electric cycle as well. As long as you find the rains comfortable to ride in, your battery operated cycle should also be fine.

Use your best judgement

#7. Cover your LCD

When taking your LightSpeed electric bicycle out for a ride in the rains, please cover your LCD; you can even cover it using transparent plastic and elastic bands. The point of this is to prevent excess rain water from entering the LCD.

Cover your LCD

#8. Store the Battery Indoors

When you’re done with your ride, bring the battery indoors along with yourself, while the monsoons are still here. This prevents unnecessary damage to the battery pack, and ensures that your ride remain hassle-free.

Store the Battery Indoors

#9. Caution

In case water seeps inside your battery, switch the battery off and pull it out immediately. Do not charge your electric bicycle when there are major power fluctuations or thunderstorms. We urge you to take the subject of rain protection for electric cycles with a certain seriousness, to ensure your riding safety.


#10. Don’t Stay Confused

If you’re still unsure about safety in the rains, please feel free to contact us. Our engineers will guide you regarding the best ways to protect yourself and your e cycle in the rains.

Don’t Stay Confused

The most important point is that you should enjoy the rains without worrying. The purpose of this article is to give you tips to prevent hassles and safety hazards during the rainy season. You should not be deterred from riding your electric bicycle irrespective of the weather.

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We wish you a safe, happy, and healthy Monsoon

We wish you a safe, happy, and healthy Monsoon!


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