Top 10 Myths About Electric Bicycles

Top 10 Myths About Electric Bicycles

Here is a list of some electric bicycle myths that are running rampant since EVs have hit Indian markets and roads. Read on to bust all the myths about electric bicycles that you may have heard of.

List of Top 10 Myths About Electric Cycles

Electric Bicycle Myth #1: Electric bicycles run like mopeds and scooters

Fact: Electric bicycles are entirely different from mopeds and scooters, and have a completely different purpose. Unlike mopeds and scooters, electric cycles need to be pedalled. An electric bicycle introduces physical activity in one’s routine. Its Pedal Boost mechanism places the cyclist in control of how much physical effort he exerts.

Electric Bicycle Myth #2: You don’t need to pedal an electric bicycle

Fact: Pedalling is an important aspect of riding an electric cycle. The Pedal Assist Mechanism lets you decide the intensity of your pedalling effort. At high levels of Pedal Assist, the electric motor applies most of the effort, while you apply very little effort. At low levels of Pedal Assist, the situation is reversed.

This mechanism ensures that the electric bicycle remains a way for you to be physically active, without getting exhausted unless you want to.

Electric Bicycle Myth #3: Electric bicycles are expensive toys with little use

Fact: An electric bicycle has a positive impact on multiple areas of your life. It enhances your health, saves commute time, and reduces your overall petrol consumption. This saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Each ride becomes a low to moderate intensity workout, without buying a gym membership.

Electric Bicycle Myth #4: Electric bicycles are difficult to charge

Fact: Electric bicycles are as easy to charge as your smartphone. Good electric bicycles come with portable batteries that can be taken along with you to your home or office, and charged in regular plug points.

Electric Bicycle Myth #5: Electric bicycles require more maintenance than regular bicycles

Fact: Electric bicycles require no more maintenance than your average bicycle. If at all you need minor repairs or servicing, you can get that done at your local bicycle repair shop.

Electric Bicycle Myth #6: Electric bicycles are dangerously fast

Fact: Electric bicycles come with a speed-lock at 25 kmph, to comply with government regulations in India. The 25 kmph speed limit also allows the rider to travel on road without a driving license and vehicle registration.

Electric Bicycle Myth #7: You cannot ride electric bicycles in the rain

Fact: Good electric bicycles have an IP65 rating, which means that they are dust proof, water resistant, and wash down capable. You can use such an electric bicycle in the rain. Check out these tips for riding your electric cycle in the rainy season.

Electric Bicycle Myth #8: The battery can be easily stolen from an electric bicycle

Fact: Most electric bicycles have a battery cradle with an internal lock. This lock secures the battery pack firmly in place. Therefore, the battery cannot be removed without a key.

Electric Bicycle Myth #9: You cannot workout or exercise using an electric bicycle

Fact: This is far from the truth.

  1. i) The Pedal Boost mechanism keeps you in control of the intensity of your workout.

At low levels of Pedal Boost, you apply most of the effort, resulting in a high intensity work out.

At high levels of Pedal Boost, you apply minimal effort, resulting in a low intensity workout.

  1. ii) You always have the option of turning off the electric supply and using it like a regular cycle.

Electric Bicycle Myth #10: You cannot ride it on rough terrains

Fact: A good electric bicycle from a reputed manufacturer will usually be very sturdy, and can easily tackle tough terrains, steep slopes and hills, sandy beaches, muddy trails, and more.

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