Top 10 Things to Do with Your Electric Bicycle

Top Things To Do With Your Electric Cycle

Once you own an EV, you will want to use it as often as possible in a number of dynamic ways. Luckily, there are a lot of things to do on an electric cycle that are fun and exciting at the same time. Here is a list of the top activities to do on an electric cycle.

Take it to the beach

Riding your electric bicycle along a sandy sea shore can be an absolute pleasure. Pedal along in leisure at a moderate level of Pedal Assist as the salty sea breeze imbues a renewed sense of energy to your life, and an added zing to your day. Spending time near the ocean is a great thing to do on an electric cycle to alleviate sadness and induce joy.

Ride to your workplace and back

The average speed of moving traffic in most urban zones is less than 18km/h. Because of the sizes of most two wheelers, commuters cannot manoeuvre them easily through congestions. An electric cycle is compact and can easily find its way out of traffic congestion. With a top electric speed of 25km/h, it is a very efficient vehicle to get to work and back.

Plan an active cycling date

Moderate exercise releases happy hormones into your blood stream. When you cycle with your partner, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have happy conversations as you ride into the sunset. You can even engage in a healthy competition with your date, for added fun. This can prove to be a regular activity to do on an electric cycle.

Take it out on family trips and picnics

Most electric bicycles can be rode by anyone who’s more than 5 feet tall. So, you, your partner, your teenagers, and even their grandparents can easily ride one. Carry your e cycle on your next family picnic, trip, or outing to the park; this way everyone has an activity to do on an electric cycle, turn by turn.

Run your daily errands on your electric bicycle

Every time we want a packet of milk, a loaf of bread, or some office stationery, we grudgingly use our petroleum fuelled two-wheelers or four wheelers. During peak traffic, running a small errand becomes tedious because of the amount of time it takes. Running small daily errands by pedalling is one of the most useful things to do on an electric cycle.

Burn some calories while also building core strength

When you ride your electric cycle on low to medium levels of Pedal Assist, you get a high or medium intensity workout. Because an electric cycle is a little heavier than a regular cycle it gives more exercise to your legs and your core. So, you get the necessary cardio along with core strengthening. It also leaves you with a higher Basal Metabolic Rate which is great for weight loss and maintenance.

Take it on a mountain trail

Pick a small hill or a challenging mountain, put on your safety gear, charge your battery, and head for a thrilling mountain ride on your electric cycle. It’s so silent that you won’t even disturb the wildlife around you. What’s more, you won’t even pollute the hills and forests.

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