User Experience and Review of the Dryft

User Experience and Review of the Dryft

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved cycling. It gets me in a good mood, warms my muscles up, and gets my heart pumping. Having heard of the trending eBicycle hype over the last couple of months, I was keen to get my hands on one. Before getting excited, I read and saw many electric cycle reviews; India being a nascent market, one must understand the parameters of judging such a product, after all.

One day, while browsing, LightSpeed showed up on my Facebook feed.

I’d never heard of this company, but they were sharing real pictures of their customers on their page, which got me curious. I even read a lot of very good LightSpeed bicycle reviews from existing users. When I realized that they were based out of my own city, I got in touch to ask for a demo. They were kind enough to lend me their electric bicycle – Dryft, for a week!

That weekend, I took the eCycle to Thol Wildlife Sanctuary, 40 km from Ahmedabad to test the company’s adventure bicycle claim and develop my own LightSpeed bicycle review. I even made a LightSpeed review vlog of my experience so others can compare it with existing LightSpeed customer reviews.


To fit the Dryft in my car, I’d detached its front wheel using a single latch. LightSpeed refers to this as a Quick Release Tab.


There was a similar tab for adjusting the seat. I put the bicycle together quickly, wore my helmet, and started my ride as the sun came up.  Here is my personal LightSpeed cycle review.


The first thing I realized was that all the magic was in the motor and the electronics.

After throttling a while, I decided to try out the much hyped Pedal Boost feature.


On engaging this feature, the motor provided me a healthy push as I pedaled the cycle.

Levels 1 and 2, I was applying most of the effort while the motor helped me a little bit. 
Level 3, the motor shared half of the pedaling effort. 
Levels 4 and 5, the motor gave me a lot of assistance, while I applied very little effort.


Pedal Boost can be controlled from the backlit LCD Panel on the handlebar.

Dryft also has a Front Headlight, Cruise Control, and Walk Assist mechanism which can all be controlled from here. The LCD shows a host of other readings such as the battery levels, trip distance, total distance covered, and motor temperature among other things.


All in all I had a lot of fun, and decided to tune up and recharge the bicycle before returning it to LightSpeed. I headed over to a cycle repair shop near my house, where the mechanic not only serviced the bicycle for me, but also took the Dryft for a spin himself.  Having tried other e cycles as well, my mechanic gave his own LightSpeed e cycle review with a very satisfied ‘Sahi hai’.


Charging the Dryft was quite easy, too, because the battery is portable. All in all, my experience was pretty exhilarating, and I conclude that this e cycle is a good buy; not just for its features, but more importantly for the accessibility and accountability of the manufacturer

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