LightSpeed Mobility guarantees each new LightSpeed Electric Bicycle frame and all electric parts against defects in workmanship and materials. The bicycle frame and electric motor are guaranteed for 2 years, while the other electronic components, battery, bicycle parts, and accessories are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase.

This warranty is expressly limited to the replacement or repair of the defective frame, or defective parts and is the sole remedy of the warranty. This warranty applies only to original owners and is not transferable. Claims under this warranty must be made directly to LightSpeed Mobility Pvt Ltd. Proof of purchase is mandatory.

The warranty does not cover product failure due to normal use with “no customer induced failure” and no customer modifications, damage or failure due to an accident, misuse or abuse, or neglect. Modification of the frame or components shall void this warranty.

The warranty becomes void if any electronic system configurations are changed. The electric speed limit id locked at 25 km/h, in adherence with the law. Any modification to this speed limit configuration renders the warranty void.

Replacement or repair of parts under warranty will be provided at no additional charges except for your cost of shipping it to LightSpeed Mobility Pvt Ltd.

Please contact LightSpeed Mobility Pvt Ltd (go@lightspeed.bike) to obtain a service request number and shipping instructions, and to determine if this warranty is applied to your case. We cannot accept warranty claims that have not been authorized by us.

This electric bicycle is not meant for commercial use. It is only meant for one person. Alignments are not covered in the warranty. Any damages that may have happened to the electric cycle in transit from our workshop to your address must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the electric cycle.

Under no special circumstances shall LightSpeed Mobility Pvt Ltd be liable for any special incidental, indirect or punitive damages for any consequential damages, even if LightSpeed Mobility Pvt Ltd knows or is informed that such damages are possible.

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