Why Do We Need An Electric Bicycle

Why Do We Need An Electric Bicycle?

The emergent future

The world is reaching out to the future and shedding the old ways it is so entrenched in. The industrial revolution that began a few centuries ago now manifests in everyone’s daily life as dreary, stressful traffic; but the fossil fuel powered vehicles that contribute to its noise are starting to be replaced.

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution that has slowly started to make itself relevant to the common man in the past few years now comes to us in various avatars. Among them, the electric bike is a very exciting one.

A very unique form

It is a two wheeler, but very different from a conventional fuel operated two wheeler. It is at times as fast as a car impeded in the rush hour and at other times has the strength to enter off road territories that a car owner will not dare to even think about. It is very much your favorite bicycle on steroids. It is a pedal operated vehicle, but assisted by a powerful battery-backed motor that opens up a plethora of riding modes suited for different moods and diverse terrains.

Being powered by a strong battery, it is not dependent on fuel like traditional vehicles, thereby easing its demand on the owner’s wallet. Even though the source of power makes for an obvious comparison with electric scooters, an electric bicycle delivers an entirely different experience: it engages your body thoroughly. It’s not a mindless ride. It opens up choices.

It’s a style statement unto itself

The electric bicycle truly stands out amongst its peer group of EVs. Our choices of vehicles are either need based, or made to uphold our status; but the electric bicycle is a vehicle that engages your body and stimulates your health apart from letting you commute and show off. The choice to adopt an electric bicycle as a mode of transport is a statement in itself; and a very powerful one at that.

It says that you care about challenging your body. You no longer want to be mollycoddled by the luxuries that you have come to afford. You care that we as a population use up too much of our fossil fuel reserves and you are willing to take the first step to move towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly future.

It answers different calls

Even though the electric bicycle can be used on off-road terrain as well as urban settings, LightSpeed Mobility has variants specializing in the two roles. LightSpeed offers the Glyd for riding along urban routes, and the Dryft for the tougher terrains.

You can very casually use the electric bicycle for your daily commute and cut off the rush hour stress and dreaded congestion. Even if you want to run small errands, the electric bicycle becomes your go to vehicle.

On many occasions the electric bicycle can replace your two-wheeler or even your car, and get the job done faster than both.

Now is the time

The electric bicycle has announced its arrival to the world. It is being welcomed with open arms across Europe. Electric bicycles in Germany have reported sales growth rates reaching and exceeding 50%, while an estimated 3 million units are slated to be sold every year in Europe. All major countries of the world are embracing the electric bicycles. Their arrival in India is in complete consonance with India’s intent of having a traffic composed of only EVs by 2030.

They are here, they are powerful, and they require little work. What’s more, you don’t even need a driving license!

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